Eat crepes late at the Roll Up Cafe!

Good Date Restaurants For When It’s Getting Late

Eat Great, Even Late

Most college students have been victim to the midnight munchies. Scratch out Denny’s and IHOP because they were so high school. They’re almost as cliche as the word cliche. So spice things up a little bit by considering some late-night, yet still good date restaurants below. (Common sense warning: don’t take someone on a first date to one of these places if it’s after 10pm for several reasons. 1. If a first date involves food, it should be at a normal eating time and 2. If you already did eat at a normal time, then you’re eating twice in one date ..which means you are on a marathon date…and nobody likes a marathon date.)

1. Rancheritos: This place isn’t “first date material” at any time of day or night–but it is flipping tasty at a great price. (Don’t believe me? Check Rancheritos Mexican Food on Urbanspoon. I recommend their burritos, especially their breakfast burritos. While you would probably never see a group of girls here by themselves, because, let’s face it, 24-hour Mexican places are kind of a guy thing, it’s a good place to go with a guy. And he’ll probably enjoy it because he can eat your leftovers.

2. The Hospital: Borrow some nursing student’s scrubs (or go to a Goodwill or Deseret Industries and buy some that remotely fit you) and go feast at the hospital cafeteria. Their corn dogs are HUGE and their asiago bagel, toasted, with a tomato is one of my personal favorites. The latter isn’t technically on the menu, but they’ll make it for you and it’ll cost under $1.25.

3. The Roll Up Cafe: Open until 1am Monday-Thursday and 2am Friday and Saturday, this creperie offers a smorgasbord of sweet and savory crepes. You could even impress (or depress) your date with your singing skills during their Open Mic Night every Tuesday from 8pm-close. The Roll up is also on Roll Up Crepes on Urbanspoon.